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Ermita de la Virgen de los Remedios 

(Vélez Málaga)

General sight of the Project. Composition.


Project Description

The project consists in the decoration of the inner walls of the hermitage using the fresco  technique. The total surface to be painted by Evaristo Guerra is around 1150 squared meters.

The artist pretends to "make the walls transparent" so the Virgin of the Remedies could see beneath the walls. The landscapes correspond to those around the church. In the lower part, traditional jobs are represented, as well as religious scenes in the higher part of the walls.

The aim of the project is the faith that the artist professes to the "Virgin of the Remedies". The artist donates his work three months a year. Since 2003 he is painting 8 months a year thanks to a subvention received from three institutions (Cajamar, Fundacion Malaga and Tourism Office of Andalucia).   



Project Chronology

  • Drafts Presentation on August 2nd 1994.

  • Drafts exhibition on September 15th - 24th.

  • At the beginning of August 1996 the first drawing is drafted in wall 1.

  • On August 26th 1996, the first colour is applied on the walls.



Selection of press articles published on the project (in spanish)

(Click on documents to enlarge)


El Mundo| Arte - Los paisajes del cielo

(El Mundo de Málaga 25/08/2006)





Diario Málaga|La ermita del cerro: el ideal convertido en una realidad

(Diario de Málaga- 16/08/2006)



 Diario Sur| Arte y Cultura - La ermita de los muros transparentes

(Diario SUR 07/08/2006)



 20 Minutos| Hay paredes que son como pintar 100 cuadros

(20 Minutos edición Málaga 07/08/2006)




Blanco y Negro, December 20th 1997


El Pais; September 5th 1999


ABC. December 26th 2000


El Mundo. April 18th 2003



Diario Sur September 25th 2002



La Opinión de Málaga. July 29th 2002


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