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                                                                                                                     Evaristo Guerra Zamora was born in Vélez-Málaga (Málaga), September the 5th 1942, feeling true wishes to paint everything that surrounded him. When he was 10, he established his first painting study in the attic of his parent's house in Vélez. At the age of 12, he paints his first oil painting, "Vista de Benamocarra". In 1956 Evaristo starts studying in the art studio of the known water painter Juan Morcillo, learning the first roots of his painting technique making several drawings and pictures until 1960. In September  1961 he does his first individual exhibition at the Caja de Ahorros Provincial exhibition hall in Vélez-Malaga.

Once he was 19 years old, and decided to enter the Higher School of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Fernando), he moves to Madrid, starting the high studies in painting and leaving them one year later. Evaristo kept living in Madrid alternating the painting activities with others such as baker or working in a graphic arts studio, to continue his  artistic vocation.  He makes different copies of pictures from the Prado Museum and other landscape, composition or portrait pictures.

In November 1963 carries out for the first time an individual show of his works in the "Salones Macarrón" (Madrid). In 1968 Evaristo Guerra changes his residence to Las Navas del Marqués, in the province of Ávila, where is finally able to dedicate himself to  painting in contact with the nature. In July he participates in the National  Exhibition of Fine Arts. On September 1st 1968, Evaristo gets married in Arenas (Málaga) with María Adela Pareja Campos, living in Las Navas for some years.

From 1969, during his continuous travels to his native town and his wife's, in Malaga, some "dreamt landscapes" are introduced in his style which give a turn to his work.

In 1970 his work was selected for the I biennial "Blanco y Negro" and took part in the National exhibition of fine arts, moving back with his family to live to Vélez, developing until 1985 a vast pictorial work, studying the light and colour of his homeland researching on his personal landscape. In 1972, with the landscape "Dos kilómetros para el pueblo", the National Prize of Painting for Young Artists in the II Biennial "Blanco y Negro". In March he exhibits for the first time in the Biosca Art Gallery of Madrid, where the most important exhibitions in Madrid would take place.

The 4th of march 1979 , Vélez-Málaga dedicates him a street: "Calle Pintor Evaristo Guerra".

In January 1980 two simultaneous exhibitions took place in Malaga: "Evaristo Guerra, primera época", in Caja de Ahorros Provincial, with paintings between 1954 y 1969, and "Homenaje a la Provincia de Málaga"  (Tribute to the province of Málaga) in the City Museum.

From November 1980, Evaristo Guerra begins to cross Spain to prepare the exhibition "Homenaje a España"(Tribute to Spain), to open in Biosca Gallery of Madrid in 1982, with 52 pictures showing the colour from every town capital of province in Spain .

In September 1985, Evaristo and his family (María Adela, their daughter Lola and  their two sons, Evaristo and Antonio), settling definitively in the capital of Spain. In march 1992 he opened  an exhibition in Biosca, tribute of the artist with his Axarquía landscapes to Madrid as European Cultural Capital Town.

During his long career, Evaristo Guerra has received numerous awards and recognitions like "Adoptive son of Arenas (Málaga)", 1970; or "Adoptive son of las Navas del Marqués" (Ávila), 1987. From 1989 takes place the Prize of Painting "Evaristo Guerra" in Arenas (Málaga). In 1990 he was named  "Axárquico de honor" in Comares (Málaga). In 1993 he received the prize "Al mejor artista en la especialidad de pintura" ("to the best artist in the speciality of painting"), during the VIII Edition of the National Prizes to the Plastic Arts organized by "Correo del Arte"magazine.

During June and July 1995, the City Council of Madrid, dedicated him an Anthological exhibition in the Centro Cultural de la Villa,  titled "Four Decades with the Painting". The picture "Homenaje a la luz de Andalucía" (Tribute to the andalusian light) is displayed for the first time. 

In the summer of 1995, Evaristo Guerra started decorating Fresco the walls of the "Ermita de la Virgen de los Remedios",in Vélez-Málaga, what he starts doing altruistically during the summer, until the end of the works.

In April 1997 he made an individual exhibition sponsored by Caja San Fernando, in the Imagen Hall of Sevilla. Between July and  August 1999 an individual exhibition is done in the "Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana", at el Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) organized by the City Coulcil. 

In 2001 two of his children, Evaristo and Lola, get married. He designed his daughter´s wedding dress and made  conmemorative special prints for the celebrations.

From 2003 Evaristo Guerra is dedicating 9 months a year to finish his most emblematic work, The fresco decoration of the Ermita de la Virgen de los Remedios in Vélez-Málaga with the intention to finish it by 2006.

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